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Dear Mayor,


We acknowledge that global temperature rise needs to be kept below 1.5 degrees to avoid catastrophic climate change. To achieve this, all new buildings must operate at Net Zero Carbon by 2030 and existing buildings by 2050.  As a global city, London has a responsibility to help lead the transition to a low carbon future.


We, as concerned citizens, believe that current policy in London relating to carbon emissions from buildings will not deliver Net Zero Carbon for new buildings by 2030. We strongly recommend that the London Energy Transformation Initiative proposals are implemented in the London Plan and the London Environment Strategy to put London on the right trajectory. We believe these proposals will help in the delivery of buildings that are more energy efficient, produce fewer carbon emissions, and are less expensive to occupy.

We commit to doing everything in our power to implement practices within our work that supports and accelerates London’s trajectory towards operational zero carbon buildings, including using the principles set out by the London Energy Transformation Initiative.


Kind Regards


The London Energy Transformation Initiative

Signing up as an Individual

Support the LETI proposals by signing up as an individual. You do not have to be a built environment professional to sign up, but if you are then please enter your company name and job title so we have a greater understanding of the networks of people that support LETI.

Getting individual supporters is important, but having the backing of built environment organisations is crucial to showing the Mayor that industry supports the LETI proposals

Signing up as an an Organisation that supports the LETI proposals

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