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Operational Modelling Guide

You’ve signed your project up to net zero operational energy targets, but how do you estimate Energy Use Intensity (EUI) and space heating demand? How can you ensure this happens early and often enough to help the project team make informed choices and develop confidence that they are on track and can manage the risks in order to deliver against these targets when the building is occupied? The LETI Operational Modelling Guide is here to help!

The modelling guide explores how a building's meter readings can be estimated at design stages, and how this understanding can be used to inform and improve designs, enabling more confidence that operational energy targets can be achieved.  This guide will be a useful resource for all stakeholders involved or interested in delivering net zero operational carbon projects, from investors and asset managers, through local authorities, project team members and students who are currently looking to enter the exciting field of energy efficiency in the built environment.

The guide addresses why we need to use operational energy performance modelling, and the key pieces in the jigsaw needed to make it effective for any project: 

→  The modellers, who possess the right qualities and skills to carry out the analysis, and how to get the most out of their appointment.

→  Selecting the right modelling tool for a project at each stage.

→  Following a robust modelling methodology (CIBSE TM54) which lays out an  industry approved protocol for energy performance modelling for all building types.

→  The modelling outputs which help enable delivery of a comfortable building that performs well in all aspects.

→  The modelling timeline with advice on how to plan and optimise the modelling journey for your project, from concept design through to operation.


The guidance also includes specific modelling advice aimed at modellers themselves, covering best practice approaches for many aspects of energy performance modelling.

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Operational Modelling Guide (.pdf)

Performance Modelling Template - **Coming Soon!** (.docx)

To be read in conjunction with:

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→  Climate Emergency Retrofit Guide

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