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LETI Investment for Impact #3

LETI was initiated in 2017, and has since been an active and productive platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration and knowledge dissemination. Since its inception it has continued to grow as contributions from built environment volunteers have expanded its influence and knowledge base, creating an independent beacon for change in our industry.

This financial support is incredibly important to us. It enables us to have more impact, pay for administrative support, travel further and plan more ambitiously for the future.

We are transparent about our income and spending, and will be publishing our annual CIC accounts and spending plans on this website in due course. 

How much are we trying to raise?

We have set a funding target of £25k for this 3rd campaign. This would cover approximately one year of LETI running costs, but the more we raise, the more we can do before we need to fundraise again.


All donations, large and small, are gratefully received and appreciated.


If you make a donation before 6pm on 30th November and provide contact details then you will be entered into the prize draw being drawn at the Christmas event that evening!

Any organisation giving more than £500 and any individual giving more than £50 will be included on LETI’s donor list on our website.

We would also be keen to hear from organisations interested in supporting LETI in other ways such as hosting events or providing publishing services, please contact with any offers.

What we've achieved


This funding has has enabled LETI to have a huge impact over the last 6 years. This includes:


  • Hydrogen: a decarbonisation route for heat in buildings?

  • Embodied Carbon Target Alignment, and one pagers

  • Client Guide for Net Zero Carbon Buildings

  • LETI Climate Emergency Retrofit Guide

  • LETI-CIBSE Net Zero FAQs

  • Circular Economy 1-pager

  • Embodied Carbon Case Studies

  • Retrofit vs Rebuild Unpicker

  • Specification and Procurement Guide

  • Operational Modelling Guide

  • Opinion pieces

Consultation responses

  • MHCLG Future Building Standard

  • Building Regulations Part F, L and O consultation (2021)

  • Future Building Standard and Future Homes Standard


  • Roadshow events that reached cities throughout the UK in 2023

  • Whole Life Carbon webinar series

Donate to LETI Investment for Impact #3:
→  Click here
Sign up to the LETI mailing list:
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2021 Donors


Organisation Donors

KC+A Architects

Marks Barfield Architects


Elementa Consulting

Max Fordham

Mole Architects

Troup Bywaters + Anders

Haworth Tompkins

Tate Hindle

Method Consulting

Imtech Engineering Services


KLH Sustainability

Buro Happold


Clowes Consulting


Verte Sustainability

BAM Construct UK

Ecology Building Society

BE Design

ECD Architects

Rivington Street Studio

Individual Donors

Christian Dimbleby

Geertje Kreuziger

Dominic Gibberd

Francesco Pomponi

Katherine Scott

Elisabeth George

Thomas Lefevre

Jesse Putzel

Bertie Dixon

Andrzej Grossman

Mark Jenkinson

Diane Hubbard

Adam Mactavish

F P Williamson

Joachim Neff

Huw Blackwell

Reinier Zeldenrust

Gareth Young

Mark Hawker

Alex Johnstone

Elizabeth Westmacott

Myshkin Clarke Hall


Steve Belham

Mark E

Duncan Cox

Andy Macintosh

Mina Hasman

Matthew Wingrove

Joe Williams

Will Rivers

James Milne

Helen Evans

Catherine Cosgrove

Tabitha Binding

Margaret Reynolds

Andrew Weston

Ranald Boydell

Jonathan Irawan

Richard Saxon

Catherine Simpson

Robert Cohen

Andrew Goodman

Juliet Bidgood

Richard Spencer

Anna Kerrane

Andy Boyle

Tony Michael

Steve Connor

Tamara Kahn

Deborah Churchill

Annalisa Simonella

Noel Brosnan

Luisa Branas

Robin Nicholson

Sydney Charles

Barbara McFarlane

Carol Shea

Simon Foxell

Tim Mitchell

Our commitment

As it is fundamental we remain independent, we think that crowdfunding is the best approach as it enables both organisations and individuals to contribute. This philosophy will allow us to remain independent of any vested interest and we will continue to be dedicated to the acceleration of the industry’s efforts towards achieving Net Zero Carbon buildings as soon as possible. We believe that LETI’s collective voice has had a significant impact over the last 6 years and we would like this to continue. If you agree, please support us.

Other ways you can donate

2020 Donors


Organisation Donors

Bennetts Associates

Marks Barfield Architects

Allies and Morrison

tp bennett

ECD Architects

Bryden Wood

Make Architects

Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios

Lamington Group

Frank Reynolds Architects

Heyne Tillett Steel

Troup Bywaters + Anders

Individual Donors

Tom Gwilliam

Alex Johnstone

Paula Morgenstern

Thomas Lefevre

Huw Blackwell

Susie Diamond

Claire Das Bhaumik

Joe Baker

Robert Cohen

Geertje Kreuziger

Ashley Bateson

Edward Garrod

Manel Heredero

Olivier Boennec

Cara Williams

Stephen Shakeshaft

Rupert Hitchcock

Guy Channer

David M Sterber

Sydney Charles

Seb Laan Lomas

Jose Hernandez 

Carolyn Caceres

Christopher Burman

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Donate your time

There are many other opportunities to support LETI, including volunteering your time, this could include admin support, event management, comms, technical support, project management, graphic support and helping us with the website and social media.

→  Click here to find out more about getting involved in LETI

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