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The written ministerial statement

LETI strongly believes that local authorities should be able to set local energy efficiency requirements in order to mitigate climate change and reduce residents’ energy costs, in a way that would not affect housing supply. We have therefore written a response to clarify some important points. 

We are working with other organisations such as the TCPA and the GHA to support local authorities who are considering the impact of the WMS. If you are a local planning authority and would like to join this group, please contact

→  Download our response to the WMS here

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The Future Home Standard

The Future Homes and Buildings Standards: 2023 consultation has been released covering Part L (conservation of fuel and power), Part F (ventilation) and Part O (overheating). In addition there supporting consultations on the Home Energy Model: replacement for the Standard Assessment Procedure and Home Energy Model: Future Homes Standard assessment.

LETI have produced a consultation response toolkit to the Future Homes and Building Standard Consultation. Now, we need your help to make our voices heard and meet our climate commitments!

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