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Future Homes Standard Consultation

Future Homes and Buildings Standard consultation

More than three years has now passed since the Part L 2021 consultation. The Government's decision to ban fossil fuel based energy is evidence that responding to this previous consultation was worth the amazing collective effort.

The government have now released the Future Homes and Buildings Standards: 2023 consultation covering Part L (conservation of fuel and power), Part F (ventilation) and Part O (overheating). In addition there are supporting consultations on the Home Energy Model: replacement for the Standard Assessment Procedure and Home Energy Model: Future Homes Standard assessment.


While we welcome an end to the use of fossil fuels, we believe these proposed changes do not go far enough.  We are shocked at the addition of a loop-hole that would enable local authorities to allow new buildings to opt-out of achieving minimum Part L performance requirements.  We are also disappointed by the continued use of carbon emission and primary energy metrics; avoidance of accounting for unregulated energy; and the use of a notional building methodology.

If the proposals are enacted in their current state, we will be creating a generation of inefficient buildings that are not creating the resilient, equitable country that we deserve.


LETI's response to the Future Homes Standard Consultation is ready!  Now, we need your help to make our voices heard and meet our climate commitments!

Watch Now! LETI Key messaging webinar

LETI TOOLKIT: How to Respond to the consultation (.pdf)

18 key questions document (.pdf)

Help us share our messages (.pdf)

Councillor briefing note (.pdf)

Cost uplift evidence spreadsheet (.xlsx)

18 questions_V1.png

LETI key messaging

To ensure ALL new buildings meet Net Zero Carbon, the Future Homes Standard (FHS) and Future Buildings Standard (FBS) need to become the legislative drivers for this. There are number of items which need to be amended for those regulations to become such drivers, summarised in the following key messages:

Key messaging.png

How to Respond

LETI has prepared a number of open source materials based on detailed technical evidence meticulously collected amongst industry stakeholders for over 5 years  to help you in formulating your response to the consultation.

We urge anyone concerned about the building industry's impact on climate change to participate in this Government consultation and share their views. Please submit your response to the consultation by Wednesday 6th March.


→  If you have less than 5  mins

  • As an organisation, sign the support letter addressed to DLUHC & DESNZ which LETI have collectively drafted with likeminded networks. 

       →  Sign here

  • Share LETI key messages to your network and on social media, don’t forget to tag LETI in and use the following hashtags #LETIkeymessaging & #FHSresponse to maximise your impact

  • Donate to LETI, whilst we are run by volunteers your financial support is incredibly important to fund our publications, help us have more impact and plan more ambitiously for the future.

       →  Donate here



→  If you have less than 10  mins

Use the LETI TOOLKIT - How to respond to the consultation document, which outlines the key questions that LETI think are the most important, and how to formulate a quick response that focuses on key issues.



→  If you have more time

Complete a full consultation response and submit your own supporting evidence. DLUHC have told us that the most impactful way of responding is to submit evidence and we encourage you to submit your own evidence. LETI are developing evidence on the following topics, if you have anything you would particularly like to share with us, then please email us on 

  • Modelling

  • Metrics

  • Ventilation

  • Airtightness

  • Cost impact assessment and/or Viability

  • Heat networks

  • NCM


→  If you are a local authority

Use the LETI - Councillor briefing note document which would help you gather support from your members - here

Previous Part L Consultations

Three years ago,  there was a consultation on Part L for residential and the future homes standard - LETI and the industry put together a huge consultation response - You can read more about the 2020 campaign here and the 2021 one here

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