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Future Building Standard Consultation

Future Buildings Consultation

More than a year has now passed since the Future Homes Standard consultation. The Government's decision to allow local authorities to set their own targets and to retain the Fabric Energy Efficiency Standard are the evidence that responding to this previous consultation was worth the amazing collective effort.

The government have now released the Future Building Standard Consultation, which covers topics relating to Part L and Part F the Future Homes Standard and the Future Buildings Standard. Consultation responses are due by 13th of April.


A number of very important principles which are key to better and lower carbon buildings still have not found their way to proposed new standards. LETI have therefore prepared a ‘How to Guide’ for the Future Building Standard consultation in response. This simple and short guide that outlines our emerging Key Messages and how to respond to the consultation quickly and easily.

How to Respond

We believe that anyone interested in the building industry's contribution to climate change should respond to this Government consultation and voice their opinion, so please respond to the consultation by the 13th of April:

→  If you have 10-15 mins

Use the 'LETI – Short Consultation - Yes/ No Responses' document, which outlines the key questions that LETI think are the most important

→  If you have more time

Complete a full consultation response. See our 'LETI – Full Consultation Response - Work in Progress Draft', which you might find helpful to reference when putting together your response

We were keen to share these documents and we hope that you agree with our messages. If not, we would like to hear from you and please contact us at:

Help us Build an Evidence Base

We are also encouraging the LETI network to provide relevant evidence based on SBEM modelling. This evidence base is something we are looking at gathering in the next couple of weeks on a number of subjects. MHCLG have told us that this is the key action that will have the most influence. Click here for more information and to sign up to help create this evidence base for the following topics:


  1. SBEM modelling

  2. Space heating demand

  3. Overheating

  4. Airtightness and MVHR

  5. Not all homes are boxes

  6. Residential modelling

Previous Part L Consultation

Key Messaging

Last year there was a consultation on Part L for residential and the future homes standard - LETI and the industry put together a huge consultation response. There were nearly 3000 consultation responses in total, 1449 of which were from ‘Designer, Engineer and surveyor’ category. You can read more about this campaign here.

  • End of Jan 2021 MHCLG released a response to this consultation outlining a summary of the consultation responses and next steps

  • End of Jan 2021 MHCLG also released a new consultation  which on Part L, Part F the Future Homes Standard and the Future Buildings Standard (non-resi)- due 13th of April

  • There will be a 2021 update to Part L and Part F that will be implemented in June 2022

  • The Future homes standard ( for resi) and the Future building standard (non resi) will be published in 2024 and implemented in 2025

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