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LETI Investment for Impact

LETI recently ran a crowd funding campaign to broaden our impact across the UK.

LETI was initiated by Elementa’s Clara Bagenal George in 2017 and has since been a very active and productive platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration and knowledge dissemination. Since its inception it has continued to grow as contributions from its built environment volunteers have expanded its influence and knowledge base, creating an independent beacon for change in our industry.

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LETI has published many free to access documents, from our review of the draft London Plan to the Zero Operational Carbon 1-pager and more recently the Climate Emergency Design Guide and the Embodied Carbon Primer. The impact of LETI is very real, very positive and has created real momentum which we are keen to maintain.

Until now LETI has been managed purely by volunteers, giving their time both in working hours, but mostly in their own time. We have had no formal funding, organisation sponsorship or income from paid membership (aside from events, where event costs are covered by event sponsors). It is important to acknowledge that some organisations have given significant amount of ‘time and advice in kind’ over the last 3 years, notably Elementa, Levitt Bernstein and Etude. LETI was started using funding from Elementa’s impact fund and over the last 3 years Elementa have carried out much of the administration and co-ordination allowing space for LETI to grow and evolve and we are very grateful for this.

We have now reached the next phase of our evolution, and want to broaden our impact. This is a call to the wider industry and indeed to anyone who is passionate about creating a zero carbon world. For us to evolve and have greater impact we need to increase our support network and funding.

Our key supporters have been fundamental in creating this platform but we all wish it to grow. We think that LETI could have even greater impact with a defined budget focusing on knowledge dissemination and consistent dedicated resource and planning. As it is fundamental we remain independent, we think that crowdfunding is the best approach as it enables both organisations and individuals to contribute.

Organisation Donors

Bennetts Associates

Marks Barfield Architects

Allies and Morrison

tp bennett

ECD Architects

Bryden Wood

Make Architects

Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios

Lamington Group

Frank Reynolds Architects

Heyne Tillett Steel

Troup, Bywaters + Anderson

Individual Donors

Tom Gwilliam

Alex Johnstone

Paula Morgenstern

Thomas Lefevre

Huw Blackwell

Susie Diamond

Claire Das Bhaumik

Joe Baker

Robert Cohen

Geertje Kreuziger

Ashley Bateson

Edward Garrod

Manel Heredero

Olivier Boennec

Cara Williams

Stephen Shakeshaft

Rupert Hitchcock

Guy Channer

David M Sterber

Sydney Charles

Seb Laan Lomas

Jose Hernandez 

Carolyn Caceres

Christopher Burman

Donate your time

Other ways you can donate

There are many other opportunities to support LETI, including volunteering your time, this could include admin support, event management, comms, technical support, project management, graphic support and helping us with the website and social media.

→  Click here to find out more about getting involved in LETI

Our commitment

This philosophy will allow us to remain independent of any vested interest and we will continue to be dedicated to the acceleration of the industry’s efforts towards achieving Net Zero Carbon buildings as soon as possible. We believe that LETI’s collective voice has had a significant impact over the last 3 years and we would like this to continue. If you agree, please support us.

All donations were gratefully received and appreciated.

Any organisation giving more than £500 and individual giving more than £50 is included on LETI’s donor list above.

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